by Roger A. Stolley

The Japanese attack upon Pearl Harbor was no surprise to Franklin D. Roosevelt and a few key persons surrounding him. He was the father of infamy and betrayed the trust of the American People. The recollection of these facts is just one of many reasons why the National Security Act of 1947 needs to be amended to protect the American People from their own government. All top secret documents should not be destroyed. A commission should be instituted to review them 5 years after their origination. Those that are of no present threat to the American Public should be released to the Public. If government officials have been negligent, murdered American citizens, or destroyed their property, those officials should be prosecuted. All records presently in the National Archives should be released to the American Public. The Government in Washington D.C. today is as much out of control as the one was in power on December 7, 1941, as has been shown at Ruby Ridge and Waco Texas.

Published by: Roger A. Stolley

Tigard, Oregon

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I, ROGER A. STOLLEY, being first duly sworn on oath, depose and say that the information that I am about to reveal is the truth to the best of my knowledge and ability to remember or know:

That I, ROGER A. STOLLEY, worked in the capacity of house boy from approximately 1960 to 1966 at 9175 S.W. Center Street, Tigard, Oregon, the residence of and for (militarily retired) Lieutenant Colonel (Army), Clifford M. Andrew, who previously held the position, temporary grade, Assistant Chief of Staff, Military Intelligence, G-2, General Staff, United States Army. Cliff was a very kind and generous person to me. I became his close friend and confident. He treated me as a son. Mr. Andrew was retired from the Army due to an injury sustained in Korea, but he was working as Chief of Security of the Lloyd Center Sheraton Motor Hotel in Portland, Oregon. He died in his home on May 15, 1966 from a bullet in the head. The FBI investigated the death. They listed it as a suicide. Will we ever really know for sure the cause of death? He is buried at Willamette National Cemetery in Portland, Oregon with his wife Rita.

On at least three different occasions in his home, while he sat in his recliner chair, he related to me the following information:

Anything I now tell you I will deny ever saying. I am still subject to military court martial for revealing the information.

The American Public is completely ignorant of those affairs that occur behind the scenes in top American Government positions and offices. If you try to

tell them the truth, they won't believe you.

Five men were directly responsible for what happened at Peal Harbor. I am one of those five men. I've read a number of books on Pearl Harbor. Some of them have come close to the truth, but none of them have found the truth.

We knew well in advance that the Japanese were going to attack. It was a lie that we didn't have direct radio communications with Washington D.C. Not only did my office have direct radio communications, but so did the Territorial Government and the FBI. My office had ten 10,000 (?) watt transmitters with receivers and operators. It is true we didn't have the best radar on the Islands. We were building one big set on the Islands at the time of the attack. The radar at Hickham Field wasn't the best, since they'd picked up clouds as planes; and even had our own planes land on the field undetected.

I'd been a lineman working for the telephone company in Kansas City. I joined the service in the Marines. They picked two men from each branch of the services to become special agents. I was selected from the Marines and later transferred into the Army. I was one of the first fifteen special special agents in the Corps of Intelligence Police. We worked very close with the FBI and various polices forces. I received the finest training available. They sent me to many schools such as the various FBI field schools, Underwriters Laboratories, etc. I obtained a black belt in Judo through the Kodokan in Japan. Originally to get a black belt in Judo, a man had to have killed another man with his hands. In my younger career, it was often my job to go get a man. I'd do whatever was necessary to get him. They'd often send me into a major city such as Chicago. I'd board a train in my military uniform and get off of it in civilian clothes. They'd tell me where the man was at since they had him staked out. I'd go get him. I've seen more killing than I ever want to see.

I'm inserting at this time a transcript of a resume from Mr. Andrew's personal papers which he submitted to the Sheraton Motor Hotel for employment. It gives the reader a general background into the overall stature of this person. Although his resume indicates he enlisted in the Army, he specifically told me he'd enlisted in the Marines and was later transferred into the Army on special assignment. Over his lengthy military career he did reenlist in the Army.

Enlisted in the Army on special assignment, Special Agent, Corps of Intelligence Police, Hawaiian Islands. Worked general assignments and waterfront activities. Our office maintained a digest of information normally maintained by the State Department in a foreign country, as they had no office in the Islands; maintained the labor and political sections of this digest in addition to other duties.

Worked Foreign Intelligence, Far East Section, for about 3 years before the war, and about 2 months before war was assigned task of preparing arrest and seizure plans which were put into effect by FBI and our office on December 7, 1941.

Before the war the Corps of Intelligence Police was composed of 15 special agents; number of special agents increased from 15 to thousands.

Commissioned April 10, 1941, after passing required educational examinations at University of Hawaii.

During first part of war headed technical section of our office, including radio security, all sabotage cases, photography, telephone taps, microphone installations, illegal searches, fingerprints, moulage, plastics, ballistics, examinations of suspected forged documents, etc.

Screening of West Coast was not satisfactory to generals and admirals in our area, so during last part of war was sent to West Coast in charge of joint mission of Army Intelligence, Navy Intelligence, and FBI to handle screening of personnel through all West Coast ports for the Pacific Ocean area.

To Guam at end of war to organize counter intelligence unit, and while there was also Provost Marshall for the Marinas, Guam, Saipan, and Tinian.

Then to Japan with the occupation for the next 5 years. Temporarily to Saitama Prefecture, then to Fukushima Prefecture. The Military Government Team for Fukushima had fouled up badly and was disbanded in person by Lieutenant General Walker on orders from General MacArthur. As there was no occupation troops in this prefecture, this left only our small intelligence unit with myself as Military Commander for the Prefecture, requiring in addition to my intelligence duties, the supervising of all branches of government for an area of 8,565 square miles containing 2 ½ million people.

In addition to duties as special agent had also held the following assignments for various periods of time:

G-2, Assistant Chief of Staff for Military Intelligence, General Staff,

United States Army

Headquarters Commandant

Provost Marshall

Military Governor

At times attached to the following units for combat purposes:

8th Squadron, 1st Calvary Division, Armored

188th Regiment, 11th Airborne Division, Paratroops

17th Regiment, 7th Division (Korea)

Retired as Lieutenant Colonel, January 31, 1952, for disability incurred in line of duty, 24 ½ years service; twelve service medals, four citations, and three battle stars.

Attend ten different schools during time in service, including course in basic police work, state police, FBI field course, basic and advance intelligence schools, short law course, Chicago Crime Laboratory, Underwriters Laboratories, etc. Have also been an instructor in Judo and unarmed defense. Held a black belt rating in Judo through the Kodokan in Japan.

It is with this background that I continue to relate what LTC Andrew told be about Pearl Harbor:

At least 9 months prior to the Japanese attack upon Pearl Harbor, I was assigned to prepare for it. I was operating under the direct orders of the President of the United States and was ordered not to give vital intelligence information relating to the whereabouts of the Japanese fleet to our commanders in the field. As I said before, we knew well in advance that the Japanese were going to attack. We could have established a defensive perimeter.

It was at least 48 hours before the attack that I received the most tragic message of my life, or one that I would never wish to receive again, from the White House which was "Top Secret" and coded which I decoded. Actually, my radio operator received it and he directly handed it to me. The basic text of the message ran:

The Japanese will attack (the approximate time). Do not prepare retaliatory forces. We need the full support of the American Nation in a wartime effort by an unprovoked attack upon the nation in order to obtain a declaration of war.

This message and my 40 file cabinets, four to five drawer type, of top secret information on Pearl Harbor were taken out and burnt by myself and two other witnessing intelligence officers so that the Congressional Investigation could not get to the truth as to what actually did happen at Pearl Harbor.

We had broken the Japanese code. We had two of the purple machines and were deciphering the code. We'd been monitoring all of their communications for months prior to the attack. The intelligence mission on the Islands was a joint intelligence mission with the FBI, Army, Navy, and Territorial Government. In case of invasion we'd set up a secondary headquarters, a communications center located in an old farm house in the country. In event of invasion that would have become the main headquarters and the heads of the above organizations would have moved into it. Prior to the attack I had been put in charge of all radio communications. At that initial time of the attack, I was getting off of a bus in downtown Honolulu. We hadn't expected the attack to be so bad. We'd thought that our forces would respond better after the initial attack. It was a tragic mistake.

I'd worked close with John Burns, Chief of Police of Honolulu who later became Governor of Hawaii. It had been my responsibility to capture foreign agents and interrogate them. Our interrogation room had a one-way see-thru mirror and hidden microphone in a table leg.

So, this is the best of my memory the things which Cliff shared with me. It is not all of the things. For he shared with me other significant things relating to personal relationships, other events in his military career, and other instances where politicians (The Presidency) has used their office and power to make decisions which have cost thousands of lives of American citizens and soldiers. Soldiers have had to obey the orders of their Commander-in-Chief, the President, or be court marshaled or meet other ends for the failure of not obeying orders. They have had to take oaths swearing secrecy to their actions and the actions of other persons. The Office of the Presidency had at the time of Pearl Harbor and at times thereafter been used to commit crimes against the American public and persons. The truth of these events are labeled "Top Secret" and then destroyed so that the evidence against the criminals cannot be produced. Innocent men have been framed as scapegoats. History must be written in truth. The names of innocent men must be cleared. This nation must not continue to make the same mistakes it has in the past. Those powers and forces and individuals whom have been responsible for making wars and growing rich off of them and the blood of innocent persons must be exposed to the American Public. Sons and daughters should not go fight any war when there is no policy to win. Persons should not be slaughtered without a chance to fight back, when in fact there was knowledge of pending attack and the mechanisms to give such warning. I speak of Pearl Harbor, Korea, Vietnam, and other untold stories of truth. I speak for the dead that cannot speak for themselves. I speak for their off spring that seek justice in the name of truth and honor.

Admiral Husband E. Kimmel, I find you not guilty of any charges brought against you. You sought in your lifetime justice and truth to clear your name in history. I give you that truth. Captain Manning Kimmel, Commander, U.S. Robalo, that went down with his ship, I name your murderer, Franklin D. Roosevelt. To the near 4,000 persons that eventually lost their lives at Pearl Harbor with hardly a chance to fight, I name your murderer, Frank D. Roosevelt. To general Walter Short, United States Army, I name the man that framed your, President Franklin D. Roosevelt. To the offspring of Admiral Kimmel, General Short, and to all of those that died at Pearl Harbor, I bring truth and a very small satisfaction of justice in light of the crimes committed against you and your loved ones.

History must be the judge of: Harry Hopkins, the President's advisor and confident; Henry L. Stimson, Secretary of War, Admiral Harold R. Stark, Chief of Naval Operations; General George Catlett Marshall, Chief of Staff, Brigadier General Sherman Miles, Chief of Intelligence; and you LTC Clifford M. Andrew. I know of two men that were of the five that were directly responsible for Pearl Harbor, Andrew and Roosevelt. Of these other men listed, I have my own personal beliefs of whom the other three men are that carried out the final events of Pearl Harbor. There are other persons that shared in the guilt. There are persons still living that could share more light on the truth of Pearl Harbor. But is there any honor left in their life to come out and tell the truth. I am sure that there are one or two intelligence agents still living that can testify to the burning of documents on Pearl Harbor.

I personally ordered my father to burn a box of photographs of radio equipment, communications equipment, radar equipment, teletype machines, picture of the intelligence offices in Hawaii and Japan, and to destroy by burning documents of a secret and confidential nature relating to microphone installations in the interrogation room in Hawaii which LTC Andrew had been in charge of. That I inherited those records from Cliff after his death. That I instructed my father to do so after a bullet was fired and passed near me from a gun with a silencer. That my father did destroy those records by burning. That I used a U.S. Government telephone line to phone my father giving him such instructions. That I made the call from Hill AFB, Utah where I was stationed with the 2870th Ground Electronics Engineering Installation Agency. That call was made minutes after having been shot at. That after my father in Tigard, Oregon, set down the telephone receiver to make another immediate call, the operator at the Portland Air Base had the line open and would not release the line to my father. That the operator wanted to know whom had just made the call to him. My father refused to tell her, and ordered her to release the line. She released the line. The FBI was still investigating the death LTC Andrew at the time I placed the call. That due to the shooting incident and other things occurring relating to the death and investigation of Andrew's death, I feared for my safety because of the documents in my possession and the knowledge I held.

That I also sent a large document to Evelyn King in San Francisco revealing information on Pearl Harbor. Andrew had worked counter intelligence out of her residence at 100 Edgewood Avenue, San Francisco, California, at one time. I insured the package for $10,000, certified, U.S. Postal System, double wrapped it in white wrapping paper as we so wrapped secret packages in the military, and mailed it to her at her home address. That the package arrived in two different packages all torn apart. That one package arrived at her home. That the other package arrived to her, and was delivered to her, at her ship at the docks where she was leaving for a vacation cruise. That I had sent only one package. That in the U.S. Postal System it had been opened, torn apart, separated, and delivered at two different places. That this occurred in approximately the year 1968 or 1969.

I have related these facts and other opinions for the sake of history and the search for truth.

It is time that the American Public be informed of the truth of events which occurred at Pearl Harbor. It is time that those individuals, Franklin D. Roosevelt and associates, forever assume upon their names the responsibility for their actions prior to and on December 7, 1941. For truth rises from a grave at Willamette National Cemetery and accuses leaders of this nation of treason, murder, and destruction of evidence. Let history be properly recorded and serve its true purpose truth.

/s/ Roger A. Stolley


Subscribed and sworn to before me this 7th day of July 1983.


/s/ Virginia Stenerson


My Commission Expires: 8/24/84

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