By: Roger A. Stolley

Salem, OR 97303


The following summary is prepared by the sponsor of the measure and is not a part of the body thereof subject to consideration by the Legislative Assembly. It is an editorís brief statement of the essential features of the measure as introduced.

Whereas, the Oregon State Parks and Recreation Commission, has mismanaged Oregonís state parks, by investing too much money into capital improvements and driving up the fees in the parks, the authority of the commission to set fees is revoked and placed under the authority of the Oregon Legislature. A new fee schedule is established and reduces most fees to half the present schedule. In addition, per Oregon Constitution, Article I, Bill of Rights, Section 20. Equality of privileges and immunities of citizens, re-enforces all citizens rights to be treated equally and revokes special privileges for foster parents and foster children in the parks. Changes criteria for makeup of members of the Oregon State Parks and Recreation Commission requiring that three members of the commission represent respectively each a: Sport fishermen, hunter, and hiker.



Act to Restore Citizensí Rights to Use State Parks

Relating to the Oregon citizensí right to use the Oregon State parks and not pay exorbitant fees and be able to have an inexpensive vacation in the parks.

Be It Enacted by the People of the State of Oregon the following statutes are amended:

ORS 390.11(2), ORS 390-114(4)(a), and ORS 390.124.


ORS 390.111 is added by:

The People of the State of Oregon claim all right to the customary usage to the State Parks and not to pay exorbitant fees for their use. The Oregon State Parks Commission and Director are ordered to keep the parks open to the public. There will be no requirement for day use fees to simply enter the parks and an overnight fee schedule is established under ORS 390.124(1). The Director and Commission are further directed to maintain a more than reasonable amount of tent camping spots next to lakes and steams and not to have them replaced by RV, trailer, yurtz, cabins, or conference center facilities.

ORS 390.114(4) is amended by adding paragraph (a):

(a) The commission must have continual representation of persons, one person that is a sports fisherman, one that is a hunter, and third that is a hiker. If there is no such representation now, with the effective date of this act, as terms of office of existing members expire, persons of said representation will be appointed to the commission by the Governor.

ORS 390.11(2) amended to read:

Except as may be provided by an agreement to the contrary between the State Parks and Recreation Commission and the county, city or political subdivision thereof over the park, ground or place prior to acquisition by the state, the department has complete jurisdiction and authority over all state parks, waysides and scenic, historic or state recreation areas, recreational grounds or places acquired by the state for scenic, historic, natural, cultural or recreational purposes except as otherwise provided by law. Fees for the usage of same resides with the Oregon Legislature, except for cabins, houseboats, and conference center facilities.

ORS 390.124 is amended to read:

Commission rulemaking authority; charges for use of parks and other areas; exceptions. In accordance with any applicable provision of ORS 183.310 to 183.550, the commission may adopt rules necessary to carry out the duties, functions and powers imposed by law upon the commission and the department for cabins, houseboats, and conference center facilities.. Fees for all other areas established and maintained by the department will be set by the Oregon Legislative Assembly. That fee schedule follows:

(1) No fee will be charged by the Oregon State Parks and Recreation Commission or Department for entry into and enjoyment of parks for use of restrooms, boating, picnicking, hiking, or breathing the fresh air;

(2) Tent camping spot: $5.00 per night;

(3) Extra vehicles: No fee;

(4) Recreational vehicle or trailer spot: $10.00 per night;

(5) Rental of a yurtz: $10.00 per night;

6. Waysides - No Fee;

7. Scenic area passage - No fee

8. State park or forest hiking or passage - No fee

9. Camping in state forest outside of campgrounds - No fee

10. Boat Ramps - No fee

11. Fees for rental of cabins, houseboats, and conference center facilities is delegated to the Parks Commission to set fees.

Freedom and Liberty With Responsibility

E-mail: stolleyr@SonsAndDaughters.net

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