Freedom is Passing From the Face of the American Nation

by Roger A. Stolley

Freedom and liberty with responsibility, for every right there is a reciprocal responsibility. Where does one right begin and another end? Some people say: At the end of one s nose. The American People are as sheep, and the sheep have forgotten from whence they came.

When the Oregon State Legislature meets the People of Oregon tremble in fear. President George Washington best stated the case, and warned future generations of Americans: Government is a fearful master. President Thomas Jefferson said: The government that governs least is the government that governs best.

Why is it that Oregonian s fear their government? Is it because they have lost the customary use of their land? Is it because the law no longer protects the citizen in his home or upon the streets? Is it because of the influence peddlers, the special interests groups with money, the carpet baggers, the fat cats, the lobbyists in their fancy suits wandering the legislative halls that control the legislature? Is it because of the second plank of the Communist Manifesto, a heavy progressive graduated income tax that gives the corporations so many tax breaks, paying very little tax on their net result, and a heavy tax on most of the gross of the working person, leaving the main support of the government on the back of the working person? Is it because the Oregon Constitution is not enforced in regard to the equal protection of the law? Is it because the United Nations flag is flying over the City of Salem?`` Is it because of the United Nations policy to regionalize the world and redistribute the populations of the world? Is because the corporations of the world control the UN and the legislative process? Is it because of the designation of the Willamette Valley as a world city? Is it because fisheries biologist are warning fishermen not to eat bottom fish out of the Columbia River because they are radioactive and not one of Oregon s Congressional delegation will respond to that issue? Is it because the Bill of Rights, the People s Rights are being destroyed by illegal legislative enactment verses by the lawful means of Constitutional Amendment. Is it because the Constitutional right to bear and keep arms is being destroyed by the legislature? Is it because the American citizen cannot walk freely upon the public lands, breathe the fresh air, without paying a fee? Is it because the common citizens can longer afford to camp in Oregon s State Parks because of the high fees? Is it because of a socialist government in Washington, D.C.?

The right of citizens to use their land as they so choose, so long as they do not harm their neighbor, was destroyed by the Rockefeller land use bill and arbitrary zoning. It was sold to the People of Oregon as a mechanism to preserve the forest and farm land. The bill was designed to vest title and control of property in the hands of the wealthy. The sheep were dumb enough to buy it. All one has to do is look around Oregon and see all the corporations sitting on the farm and forest land to know the result. The sheep were also dumb enough to buy the socialist/communist Columbia River Gorge Act. Citizens homes who were taken out by rock slides cannot even rebuild them. He who controls the land controls all that dwell upon it. With that comes the loss of freedom.

Each session of the legislature the special interests groups saddle the People with more restrictive legislation granting privileges for the wealthy. The law is not applied equally to all citizens. It is money and power that drives the legislative process.

The destruction of personal liberty is predicated upon an unequal tax giving special privilege to the corporations, an unlawful money supply not backed by gold or silver, a corrupted judiciary, the inability of citizens to use their real property in a lawful, customary, and constitutional manner, and the confiscation of the right to bear and keep arms. It is predicated upon the influence peddlers with wealth buying the legislative process. Whereas, the common person has little voice before the legislature. Most common citizens cannot even afford enough time to get off from work to come testify before the legislature.

History repeats itself. When the police powers of the state are used to destroy the primary liberties of the People, then that people will rise up in rebellion to restore the Constitutional Republic. Prior to the French Revolution, Frederic Bastiat best stated the case in The Law:

The law perverted! And the police powers of the state perverted along with it! The law, I say, not only turned from its proper purpose but made to follow an entirely contrary purpose! The law became the weapon of every kind of greed! Instead of checking crime, the law itself guilty of the evils it is supposed to punish!

A return to freedom for the American People is predicated upon an equal tax and the revocation of the 2nd plank of the Communist Manifesto and the repeal of the property tax. A flat tax without exemptions for the corporations, foundations, trusts, and special interest groups would do more to restore freedom to the American People than any single legislative act. Control of the land to the common person would be the second with the rewrite of the Rockefellers corporate land use act. The third would be the restoration of the right to bear and keep arms. The fourth would be the equal application of the law in general, not creating special classes of citizens, tax exemptions, etc.

Citizens as myself fight to prevent a revolution in this country. That revolution cannot be prevented if the legislative process does not restore rights to American citizens. As more and more privileges are given to the corporations, restrictions are put on the right to bear and keep arms, more and more Americans will arm themselves even more. The old soldiers are not going to give up their weapons or register them. They will not allow the BATF or other police agencies into their homes without a fight and far more citizens will die as well as those officials that authorized the raids or legislative enactments. They are not going to allow United Nations troops on our sovereign soil. Freedom loving Americans will not accept the new world order, the oldest order known to mankind, dictatorship of the financial elite. As our own military trains more and more for urban warfare against American citizens, upon American soil, in American cities, the citizen will arm themselves with weapons capable of taking out tanks and planes. There will come a point in time when the sheep will no longer accept the feed given to them and remember the past. They will look to the other side of the fence and see the truth. They will rise up in rebellion. The power, food, and transportation system will be shut down. No standing Army will prevent the blood shed, riot, and destruction that will come with such an uprising. Those individuals that were principal in the destruction of those freedom will be held accountable in those times.

Americans as myself do not wish to see a revolution in this Nation. We do not wish to see the blood and destruction that will come with it. But, as the police powers of the State are given more and more control over the common freedoms and liberties of the American People, and greater abuses are placed upon the people, the seeds of that rebellion grow. It is within the power of the legislatures of the sovereign States to reverse the trend of the dictatorship of a socialist state. Mankind has not changed one iota in its lust for wealth and power. We need a return of reason in our laws. The simple enforcement of the Federal and State Constitutions in our courts would do much to restore the integrity of government. Most attorneys are not well trained in constitutional law, rather statute law, and administrative rule and regulation. Before a constitutional court, many, many statutes of this state would be held invalid. Instead of constitutional law, citizens are fighting soviet type funny farm law, like in Orson Welles book the Animal Farm. Our problem is that it seems the pigs have the control of the farm, the Oregon Legislature and the Congress of the United States.

These are the opinions of one author. Yet, it is one author that is fighting for the freedom and liberty of the American People and the People of Oregon. The question remains, how many representatives in the State of Oregon are fighting for the people verses being in the pockets of the corporations? How many of those representatives have no idea what they are really doing and what the long term consequences of their actions will bring.? It is for those reasons on President s Day and every day, we should remember the words of our former Presidents. Oregon legislators should place wisdom before money and power.

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