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Our match fragrance oils are of the highest quality. They are compounds inspired by the same ingredients that compose the bases of all commercial perfume formulas. Our perfumers determine the ingredients of these fragrances by analyzing them with state-of- the-art laboratory equipment, and are able to duplicate the essences for you at a much lower cost. How close do our fragrance oils come to the genuine article? They come "thisclose." They are perfect renditions!

We blend these oils into perfumes and eau de parfums for women's fragrances. Men's fragrances are available in perfumes and eau de toilettes. Yes, we are the premier source of men's fragrances in perfume strength.

Scentsible Prices

All too often, designer fragrance suppliers offer too little for too much at too late of a date. The high costs of brand name fragrances are due to marketing and packaging expenses. The actual product is, ironically, the least costly part of the item. We eliminate the expenses of mass media hype and exclusive bottling and packaging, and pass this savings on to you.

Perfumes and perfume products have a shelf-life. After a period of time, they go sour. Exposure to light and air accelerates this decomposition. Post production storage, shipping, and pre-sale periods are shelf-life time that the consumer is deprived of. Our products are blended locally in small batches to ensure freshness and a full life-span for our customers.

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