Working Title: The Wolfgang Nine


List of Characters

RickCoach; father of Curley
MaryWife of Rick/Coach; mother of Curley
Jan HooksDoes not like dogs
Mo McHonePitcher, team leader, takes charge; loves dogs
CurleyShortstop; redhead; loser type
Sally HensleyOnly girl on team; strong "I Can" type; loves all animals
Mack TerryTwin; team player
Mick TerryTwin; headstrong
Harry JusticeFat, not very good; "Foil for All Eats"
Mickey ShufordThird base; good with dogs
Butch NunFirst base; Oriental; loves all
Elwood TerryOutfield; dumb country bumpkin; very brave
Vernon LongOutfield; tall/glasses; dufus/loser type
Bill "Bad Breath" BaleyDogsled racer; self-proclaimed best dog man in Alaska; wins the big race every year by hook or by crook.
George "Busher" SmithTown mayor; amateur dogsled racer; enters big race but always finishes last if at all.
Big Al CasselRichest man in town; likeable/loveable buffoon; knows little of what is going on in town.
Amy Cassel19-year-old daughter of Big Al; wants to run away with her boyfriend and get married; pretty but not smart; may be pregnant.

Story Board and Synopsis

The story opens with an introduction of the main characters who are all at a baseball game in which "The Wolfgang Nine" is getting the heck beat out of them in suburban Anchorage, Alaska.

The team is called "The Wolfgang Nine" from a story the coach has told his then four-year-old son, Curley, about being attacked by a gang of nine wolves and having to fend them off by himself while on a camping trip alone with Curley in Northern Alaska. None of the boys on the team believe this story and Curley cannot remember any of the details.

The Coach is a loser at most things, but a likeable sort and the boys love him even though they lose at everything they try together. The Coach and team lose at a series of misadventures.

The first ten minutes establishes the characters and the losing aspect of each. They lose the Big Game and the canoe race that follows (they overturn the canoe in addition to losing) and the tug-of-war at the team picnic. Billy Baley, son of Bill "Bad Breath" Baley, the town blowhard, wins at everything and is a stuck-up pain in the ass.

A week later, after the first big snow of the season, Sally Hensley finds a very large and very pregnant female half-wolf and half-Alaskan Malamute dog (140 lbs. of fur and loveable animal) in the woods near her house. The dog is alone with no owner and no one to look after her.

The Coach, son Curley, Sally, and the whole team, along with other town do-gooders take in the injured animal to save her from certain doom.

There are ten team members, and Snowball (her new name) soon delivers ten--count 'em--ten very large and very beautiful half wolf pups. The team/town/coach/neighbors/etc. nurse her and her brood through the winter and everyone chips in with food and other chores.

But summer does arrive and the by-now-very-large dogs need a home of their own and lots of love. All ten members of the team end up with a dog. The team loses everything again this summer, but they do have a little more respect because of their dogs.

Lots of heroic things are taking place in this little Alaska town. The twins are saved from drowning by their dogs. Sally gets rescued from a mountain lion by her dog, Klondyke. Curley gets rescued from a burning barn by his dog, Wolfie.

But the Wolfgang Nine still can't win for losing at everything and when they try to raise money for a new ball field, they lose out to Billy Baley and his high-powered father.

But, guess what?! There is a 200-mile dogsled race at the end of each yer in Alaska with a first prize of $50,000. The first prize money will be just enough to build the new ball field; third place is a year's supply of dog food. The team thinks they may be able to get third place.

There is one major problem and only ne person knows about it. The dogs entered in the race must be purebred animals and the Wolfgang Nine team is half wolf. Bill Baley knows about the rule and may use it against the team if they get lucky and beat him, but that is unlikely. The Nine don't know about the rule, and besides it applies only to the winners since they are the only team that is checked after the race. But no one believes they can win anyway and they are only trying to get third place.

After lots of trials and tribulations, the Wolfgang Nine team of ten dogs gets entered in the Big Race. After saving many small animals and helping everyone and everything along the way, the Nine is only one day away from winning the Big Race and the first place money.

But the team is faced with a lifetime decision. They encounter a couple of young just-married lovers along the way, stranded 30 miles from the nearest town, phone, hospital, and safety. The girl is pregnant and due any minute.

Does the team go ahead and win the race and the money? They can send help back in just a few hours.

Or do they take the girl across country to the hospital and safety? The girl turns out to be Amy Cassel, daughter of the richest man in town.

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