Natural Choice® Hydroponics Growing Systems

Natural Choice® Hydroponics Growing System - NC-12-®

This hydroponic system is shipped to you completely assembled. Just add water with nutrients that are provided, light and electricity. This hydroponics system comes fully constructed and requires no assembly. The NC-12-® is one of the highest yielding and most affordable hydroponics system on the market. It stays clean and is very easy to use. Incorporates the Dual-Flow technology which lets you start from seed and grow to full size in one chamber. No need to ever transplant again and risk shocking your plants. The NC-12-® can support 12 fully developed large plants or even small trees and uses 4 inch net pots in the growing chambers. Both NFT (Nutrient Flow Technique) and the Drip method are combined in this system. Spacing between growing chambers on a hydroponics system is critical. Plants must have room for air, light (and Co2 if being used) to penetrate all areas of the plants. The space between the NC-12-® growing chambers has been calculated to insure maximum growth is met. Other hydroponics systems do not leave enough room between chambers. From closets to green houses all Natural Choice® Hydroponics Growing Systems have been field-tested and will produce excellent results. Has 6 gallon quick release reservoir. Just disconnect the main line from the reservoir and changing the water is a snap. Measures 70 inches long x 24 inches wide x 16 inches high. This system comes with air pump and water pump, 3-month supply of top of the line nutrients, manual on growing with hydroponics, 5 ColorPHast pH Indicator Strips, and growing medium. This system is shipped in 1 box and is fully assembled. The supplies and stands are shipped separately. Ships in a 6 1/2 foot long x 3-foot wide box. System will be shipped within 3 days upon receipt of payment.
UPS Second Day Delivery is also available for an extra charge.
Add-on kits that expand a 12-chamber system to an 18 or up to a 42-chamber system are available.

Retail price (UPS ground shipping included in price) = $280.00

**Please phone 503-589-4878 To Order**

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