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STTC Individual and Team Tournament Results

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State Games of Oregon, 2000

STTC Winter 2000 Tournament

Pac Rim 2000 STTC Team

STTC Tournament 12/2/00

State Games of Oregon, 2001

Fairfield, CA Open 2001

STTC Doubles Tournament 1/09/02

STTC Tournament 2/2/02

Reno, NV Tournament 10/5/02

Pac Rim 2002 STTC Team

Mayo Rolf Cup 2002 STTC Team

Salem/CCC Spring Open 5/10/03

Reno, NV Tournament 9/20/03

Pac Rim 2003 STTC Team

Bellevue, WA Tournament 11/23/03

VoS, AZ Tournament 11/30/03

North Salem High Student/Staff Tournament 5/1/04

Salem/CCC Spring Open 5/8/04

State Games of Oregon, 2004

U1200 PDX Championships 10/04

Vancouver, WA 12/06

Sprague High School Championships 4/14/07

Concord Junior Training Camp 6/07

State Games of Oregon, 2007

Vancouver, WA 12/07

Boy's & Girl's Club Championships 5/17/08

Ultimate Racquet Tournament Vancouver,WA 7/13/08

State Games of Oregon, 2008

U.S. Closed Nationals, 2008

Capitol City Table Tennis Championships, 10/3/09

Mt. Angel - STTC Tournament, 10/16/10

2nd Annual Capitol City - STTC Tournament, 6/4/11

STTC Fun Tournament - 7/23/11

3rd Annual Capitol City - STTC Tournament, 10/20/12

Mt. Angel Invitational Tournament, 3/26/13

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