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SunBurst Technology, Inc.
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SunBurst Technology, Inc. will deliver
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The authors are telling their original stories
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When ordering from SunBurst, you will benefit by:

dot Saving time by ordering via the Internet. No need to travel to a bookstore. You will receive your book directly from SunBurst--we download, via E-mail, directly to your home PC.
dot Reducing your costs. Our Bookwav logo® electronic publications are far less expensive than printed ones. We have no paper printing costs and pass the savings on to you!
dot Enjoying our Bookwav logo® publications in the comfort of your home.

Bookwav logo® is environmentally clean--no printing chemicals or paper used.

For an example of our exciting new technology,
you are invited to visit one of our author's web sites.

quill penKaren Laird, Author--children's stories with illustrations and audio.

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NOTE TO AUTHORS: Contact SunBurst Technology, Inc.
for information about publishing your work.

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