729 FX-EL Pips-In Rubber with Reactor Sponge

(729 FX EL SUPERSOFT #16280)

729 FX Euro Light (EL) is one of the lightest rubbers
you will ever stick on your blade. Thin and non sticky top
sheet with soft Reactor sponge gives this rubber a lively bounce
that has previously only existed in European and Japanese brands.
Available in Black or Red.

Price: $14.00

Profound glue effect Speed: 9
Soft Reactor Sponge Spin: 9+++
High Speed & Light Weight Control: 9++
Astounding Mechanical spin Deception: 0
ULTRA thin responsive top sheet Sponge: 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.2mm

This rubber has all the good qualities of a mechanical spin rubber,
but that is where the similarities stop. The workmanship of this product
is excellent, the rubber is lighter with more control than most Japanese
and European brands. Reactor is a sponge developed by Friendship for
use exclusively with their products. Reactor sponge is rated soft, but it is
very springy and consistent. When used with high solvent glue Reactor
will have more spin and slightly more speed. The glue life of Speed glued
Reactor is notably longer with a more consistent power curve. Please note
that all solvent glue, (even ITTF approved), pose a significant health risk.
Use all glue products with good ventilation, and avoid prolonged exposure.


**Please phone 503-589-4878 To Order**

Price: $14.00

Red Or Black

Click Here For "Inverted" (flat) Rubber

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