RITC 729 CREAM Pips-In Rubber with Japanese Sponge

(729 Cream Jap sponge #16275)

ONE SHEET of RITC Friendship 729 CREAM Pips-In Table Tennis Rubber with Sponge.
Fast spin soft surface combined with sensitive and consistent Japanese sponge, this
rubber meets and exceeds the demands of the modern top spin and touch game.
Available in Black or Red with 2.0mm or 2.2 mm sponge.

Price: $14.00

Super touch Speed: 9
Fast spinning Spin: 9++
Superior speed Control: 9+
Japanese Sponge Deception: 0
Quick attack and Loop Sponge: 2.0 mm or 2.2 mm (med-soft sponge)

Bang for the Buck this is probably the best rubber you will ever glue
to your bat. Cream has touch and control, while the Jap sponge
provides tremendous dwell time for Loop and Loop kill.


**Please phone 503-589-4878 To Order**

Price: $14.00

Red Or Black

Click Here For "Inverted" (flat) Rubber

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