RITC 729-2 Pips-In Rubber

(729-2 HRS sponge #16269)

ONE SHEET of RITC Friendship 729-2
with sponge Pips-In.
Available in Black or Red.

Price: $ 10.00

Fast spinning Speed: 9++
For initializing attack Spin: 9
Quick attack and Loop Control: 9
Features H.R.S. sponge Deception: 0
High speed inverted rubber Sponge: 2.2mm

Combined with the HRS sponge this is a Chinese inverted classic, fast
and hard with control. The ball has less dwell time with 729-2 making
it hit harder and faster, cutting into the spin slightly, this rubber
is ideal for counter hitters and can easily generate offense and
spin, great for all-around play with an emphasis on attack.


**Please phone 503-589-4878 To Order**

Price: $ 10.00

Red Or Black

Click Here For "Inverted" (flat) Rubber

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