RITC 729-2 Pips-In Rubber GERMAN SPONGE

(GERMAN Sponge #16270)

ONE SHEET of RITC Friendship 729-2 Pips-In Table Tennis
Rubber with Donic GERMAN SPONGE
Available in Black or Red.

Price: $14.00

Fast spinning Speed: 9++
For initializing attack Spin: 9++
Quick attack and Loop Control: 9-
High speed inverted rubber Deception: 0
GERMAN SPONGE for increased power Sponge: 2.0-2.2mm (MAX)

729-2 w/ GERMAN SPONGE offers the benefits of increased spin
power from the traditional feel of Chinese sticky top sheet.
Awesome attacking power and tremendous over the table loops.
GERMAN SPONGE adds power to loops and increases flat hitting speed.


**Please phone 503-589-4878 To Order**

Price: $14.00

Red Or Black

Click Here For "Inverted" (flat) Rubber

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